‘I Dare You’: Stugotz’s 2017 Hot Take Slamming Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid Goes Viral After It Ages Horribly

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Damn, I love Stugotz.

When then-junior Patrick Mahomes declared for the 2017 NFL Draft out of Texas Tech and was drafted 10th overall by the Kansas City Chiefs, he was instantly hit with a new fan base in Chiefs Kingdom, and also a new set of haters. As we all know, Mahomes eventually became the starter for the team over Alex Smith and the rest is history — two Super Bowls and two MVP awards since then.

Well, in 2017 when Kansas City head coach Andy Reid made the decision to replace Smith with Mahomes at the starting quarterback position, The Dan LeBatard Show’s Jon ‘Stugotz’ Weiner absolutely flamed Reid and Mahomes, citing that Smith was loyal to Reid and that Reid should have returned the favor. Oh, and Stugotz also hilariously said that Reid isn’t a “quarterback whisperer” like he thinks he is, and the Mahomes experiment will fail.

“Go ahead, Andy Reid, I dare you to go 14-2 and allow Alex Smith to leave Arrowhead Stadium, to leave Kansas City. Go ahead, I dare you. Because of Patrick Mahomes. Because you think you can turn Patrick Mahomes into something that Alex Smith is not. Alex Smith is a very good quarterback,” ranted Stugotz.

“The audacity! First off, to do this to Alex Smith, who has been very good and loyal to Andy Reid and won him a lot of football games. To dangle Patrick Mahomes out there because Andy Reid thinks he’s some sort of quarterback whisperer, which he is not.”

Shit like this is why I love The Dan LeBatard Show so much.

I’ve been listening to LeBatard for years now, and what’s funny is this goes right into the formula of the show. Stugotz has always gone on hot take rants and a lot of them age horrendously, and this is just the latest classic example of that.

And the people that aren’t familiar with LeBatard will hear this and will completely clown Stugotz for his take, but the people (like me) who are familiar with the show get that they like to throw stuff out like that to make fun of themselves — particularly Stugotz. (RELATED: ‘It’s Philly Blunts This Week’: Patrick Mahomes’ Dad Gives Update After ‘Smoking The Joe Burrow’)

It’s a part of a character that he plays, though a lot of that character is surely based off of reality. So as a result, with a lot of people not understanding the formula, clips go viral and it produces the most hot takes from riled up people who are riled up for no reason whatsoever. It’s so great.

Don’t get it?

Damn, I love The LeBatard Show.