EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Firearms Instructor Breaks Down Bodycam Of Woman Attacking Police Officers

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Firearms instructor Leon Spears broke down body camera footage of a woman physically charging police and biting an officer.

Officers located a man whom they had a warrant to arrest and pulled him over in a conventional traffic stop. As the officers arrested the driver, his girlfriend exited the passenger seat of the vehicle and attempted to physically fight one of the officers, leading him to body slam her to the ground and handcuff her.

The woman squirmed in an attempt to resist arrest as the officers lay her on the ground face down.

“You’re arresting me for nothing!” she yelled.

They struggled to roll her onto her back to prevent her from potentially suffering from asphyxia, a condition of deficient supply of oxygen to the body from abnormal breathing. She sat up and cried that she wanted her boyfriend home with her. The officers then lifted her up and searched her. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Firearms Trainer Leon Spears Responds To Officer Being Charged With A Hatchet) 

“The officers have done a good job so far, they seem calm, cool, collected,” Spears said. “That’s really nice. That’s good to see. When they actually handcuff the young lady, she was in a position of asphyxia, which really means that you have difficulty breathing. So, it would’ve been nice to see them roll her a little bit sooner. But again, very, very good.”

A female officer found track marks on her and a needle in her coat pocket during a search. They placed her under arrest for “at the very least” resisting. She refused to enter the police vehicle and demanded to speak to a sergeant, leading the officers to force her into the vehicle as she yelled profanities.

The officer with the body camera said she bit him and broke his skin as they tried to arrest her.

Spears commended the officers for communicating with her and searching the scene to be safe. He said they rightfully examined the officer’s bite mark to determine whether EMS should arrive at the scene.

They then talked to driver, who said he was arrested for driving a car unregistered in his name. He disputed their arguments with claims that he owned the car.

EMS arrived to examine the officer’s bite mark and the woman’s scratches on her face. The EMS examined her scratches inside the vehicle, and the woman defended herself for biting the officer.

“Now I go to jail for what you guys did to me?” she said. “I said I have anxiety. I told you guys I can’t sit down. I freak the fuck out.”

The woman grew emotional after they transferred her to the ambulance.

Spears gave the team a B+ for surveying the scene well and for having appropriate supervisors on scene and communicating effectively. He only criticized them for having her in a position of asphyxia.

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