Oklahoma High School Basketball Game That Finished With 4-2 Score Is Causing Utter Chaos

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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It amazes me that some still don’t use a shot clock in 2023.

A Feb. 7 high school basketball game in Oklahoma between the Weatherford High School Eagles and Anadarko High School Warriors ended with an extraordinarily low 4-2 score in Weatherford’s favor. But why the low score?

Well, throughout the game, Anadarko ran out the clock in order to stay in contention with Weatherford. And here’s the kicker: there isn’t a shot clock in Oklahoma. So as a result, the Warriors were able to run down the clock as much as they wanted, and nobody — referees, fans, cheerleaders — couldn’t do a thing about it.

It’s called “stall ball,”where Anadarko (or any other team partaking in this nonsense) passes the ball back and forth in the backcourt, allowing seconds to drop off the clock in huge chunks. And now you see why a game of four eight-minute quarters finished with such a low score.

A week later and we have an update on this story. Apparently, this game pissed off so many people in Oklahoma, that they’re now trying to switch things up by adding a shot clock (welcome to 2023). But in Oklahoma’s defense — and this statistic shocked me to be quite frank — only seventeen states and Washington D.C. use shot clocks in high school basketball. And even then, it’s not used in all games — which makes zero sense.

With Oklahoma, they actually voted down a shot clock in January. Now, here they are dealing with this chaos as a result with the 4-2 game becoming a national story.

And as you can imagine, people in Oklahoma aren’t happy about it.

“What are we doing here in Oklahoma?” tweeted KOCO-TV sports director Bryan Keating in Oklahoma City. “We have to play with a shot clock. The players deserve a whole lot better than this.”

Grant Gower, assistant director of the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association, shed some light on the board’s 8-7 rejection of shot clocks, saying that the high costs ($2,000-$11,000 for a set of two shot clocks) was the main reason for their vote. (RELATED: High School Basketball Player Dies After Suffering Massive Heart Attack During Game)

“I know it will be addressed again and not in response to the 4-to-2 game but in terms of what the schools want to do,” said Gower. “[The low score] sure brings an awareness of situations like this that are completely within the rules of the game.”

Just complete and utter chaos in Oklahoma.