Medics Respond As ‘Naked And Afraid’ Contestant Accidentally Burns Penis During Show

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Cameras were rolling when “Naked and Afraid” contestant Sam Mouzer burned the tip of his penis and required medical assistance to ease the pain.

The UK contestant suffered the injury while filming the upcoming season premiere of Discovery’s reality television show. The horrifying incident was captured on videotape obtained by TMZ.

The clip began with Mouzer narrating the experience he had endured. “Last night we stayed very close to the fire, and we’d been peppered by hot coals,” he said. “And one of the said coals has landed on my – uh – my little soldier’s helmet,” Mouzer declared.

The contestant continued narrating through his uncomfortable experience.

The video showed Mouzer and his fellow contestant Lilly snuggled up close to one another as they sought to gain warmth and comfort next to fire.

Within a split second, it became clear that something had gone terribly wrong. Mouzer could be heard moaning and groaning in pain as the hot ashes hit his penis. His facial expressions suggested he had experienced a tremendous amount of pain. (RELATED: We Didn’t Think Madonna’s Grammy Disaster Could Get Any Worse … But Then She Showed Off Her Penis Brooch)

The video then flipped to a different scene and showed the naked contestant facing a tree while medics attempted to assist with his injury.

“Thankfully this brave hero medic is going to make sure it’s not going to get infected,” he said

“It shouldn’t be too traumatizing,” the medic quipped as she presented medical ointment spread on what looked like an oversized Q-tip to the camera.

“Obviously we need everything extra large,” Mouzer said.

He was somehow able to maintain his sense of humor during the ordeal.