‘I Didn’t Do Sh*t’: Melvin Gordon Makes Blunt Admission, Keeps It Real After Kansas City Chiefs Win Super Bowl

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Melvin Gordon is such a G.

Kansas City Chiefs running back Melvin Gordon is well aware that he didn’t play a big role in helping his team win Super Bowl LVII, and he kept it real about it — Gordon was picked up by the Chiefs after being released by the Denver Broncos in November. He then spent the rest of the season on the practice squad, and didn’t appear in a single game.

Leading up to the Super Bowl, Gordon was asked by a reporter about the difference between playing for Kansas City compared to other franchises across the National Football League, and Melvin kept it outright G.

“The difference? I didn’t do shit,” Gordon said. “I got carried. I got carried.”

Maybe he did, but he still got that ring. According to the 2020 NFL collective bargaining agreement, “Practice Squad players on a Club that wins the Super Bowl at the time of the Super Bowl will be entitled to a ring similar in appearance to the one provided to players on the Active/Inactive List but the Club, in its sole discretion, may provide any Practice Squad player with a ring of lesser value.”

I can totally respect his realness here.

People need to lay off Melvin Gordon. There’s some out there trolling him about this, but man, running backs have a very short life in the NFL. Gordon is a perfect example of this —just 29 years old and he’s already on the decline. But he had a decent seven years in the league before he got to the 2022 season, and quite frankly, the man deserves a ring. (RELATED: Las Vegas Raiders Officially Release Derek Carr)

Sure, like Melvin said, he didn’t do shit. But after several successful years in the league (including a 1,000-yard season and three others where he came close) with nothing to really show for it, I’m glad he ended up with a ring. We all know damn well he wasn’t winning one with the Chargers, that’s for sure.

Enjoy that ring, Melvin. And don’t let the haters get you down. Screw ’em.