George Santos Accused Of Defrauding Amish Farmer

Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

James Lynch Reporter
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Embattled Republican New York Rep. George Santos allegedly defrauded an Amish dairy farmer in 2017 by paying for puppies with a bad check.

He allegedly paid the farmer for two German shepherds with a check that later bounced, according to CNN. The farmer, who breeds puppies as a side business, never heard from Santos again and was not repaid for the puppies. (RELATED: ‘This Is A Blatant Lie’: Sinema Shuts Down Santos’ Claim Of Pleasantries)

Santos was charged with theft in Pennsylvania that same year for allegedly writing bad checks to multiple Pennsylvania dog breeders. He allegedly wrote nine checks worth $15,000 in a case that the York County Prosecutor’s Office later dismissed. The future congressman received legal assistance from childhood friend and personal injury lawyer Tiffany Bogosian, CNN reported.

Santos participated in a pet adoption event at a Staten Island, New York, store shortly after purchasing the puppies. He previously ran a charity, Friends of Pets United, under the name Anthony Devolder, a pseudonym derived from his middle name and maternal family name.

The FBI is probing Santos for an alleged scheme he ran using the charity. Santos allegedly raised $3,000 to fund surgery for a disabled veteran’s dog before taking the money and cutting off contact with the veteran.

Santos has admitted to fabricating important details about his life, including his education, work history and ethnicity. He is under criminal investigation by federal and local prosecutors in the U.S. as well as Brazilian authorities.