United States Officially Qualifies For 2026 FIFA World Cup

Photo by YUKI IWAMURA/AFP via Getty Images

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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The United States is in!

The U.S. men’s national soccer team, as well as Canada and Mexico, have automatically qualified for the 2026 FIFA World Cup due to the three nations hosting the tournament together, with matches being played throughout North America. The U.S. has the most host cities with 11 out of 16, while Mexico has three and Canada has two.

Historically, FIFA has given host nations automatic berths into the World Cup without them having to go through qualification tournaments; however, this is the first time they’ve been forced to give up three bids up-front.

FIFA will easily make up for it, though, as the World Cup tournament is slated to expand from 32 nations to 48 in 2026. With the U.S., Canada and Mexico all qualifying, three other CONCACAF nations will be able to receive bids to qualify in the pool.

I feel like it’s a little bullshit how Canada and Mexico get qualifying bids as well, because they’re outright stealing our thunder. Dude, we have 11 host cities — Canada and Mexico literally have two and three. But they get the same treatment as us?

On top of that, we made it to the knockout stage, and they didn’t. What is this?

I’ll take it even further … this should be OUR World Cup, and we shouldn’t have to share it with (bleeping) Canada and Mexico. Screw a North American tournament: We should have wrapped the 2026 edition in a big-ass American flag. Damn, that would have been so glorious to see just a United States-hosted World Cup. (RELATED: REPORT: Saudi Arabia Makes Huge Promise To Greece, Egypt To Build Their Stadiums If They Join Them For World Cup Bid)

I blame globalism: “Ohhh, we have to be united for a new world order.” Whatever, man. Red, white and blue in your face.

Regardless, our title run begins now — and imagine how awesome it would be to win the tournament in our own country.

On to 2026!