University Of Pittsburgh Student Earns One Year Of Free Rent After Hitting Crazy Basketball Shot

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This kid was swimming in outright glory.

The Petersen Events Center, home of the University of Pittsburgh Panthers men’s basketball team, exploded with excitement Feb. 14 after a crazy near-full court shot was made.

But it wasn’t made by a Panther or by anybody from their opposition in the Boston College Eagles. No, the wildest shot of the night came at halftime from Richard “Richie” Ferris — a junior at Pitt and three-year member of the Oakland Zoo, the school’s student section.

“I had no idea that I was going to do this,” said Ferris. “I was nervous. I’m not going to lie.”

The event that ol’ Richie boy won happens at every halftime of Pittsburgh men’s basketball games, giving students a chance to win an Downtown apartment with a year-long lease. The rules are simple: The contestant must pick one spot on the court from which to make two shots. The shots have to go through each hoop on both sides of the floor.

For Richie, he hit an NBA three-point shot, and then with the other, he landed it from three-fourths length.

Just check out the glory:

What an incredible shot — Richie is an instant legend.

Yeah, he probably wouldn’t be able to hit that shot again if you gave him 10 more chances, hell, he probably wouldn’t hit it again if you gave him 100, but regardless, that man is a legend for hitting that shot — from nearly full-court, damn! And then lands an apartment in Downtown Pittsburgh and doesn’t have to pay rent for a year?

Swag, the swag is real. (RELATED: Mississippi Valley State Cheerleader Ejected After Kicking, Shoving Alabama A&M Basketball Players)

I’m very familiar with Downtown Pittsburgh, I’ve been there loads of times formerly living in Pennsylvania, so I’m quite knowledgeable about how flashy things can be in that city. This kid hooked himself up like a mother(bleeper), and on top of the flash and dash of Pittsburgh, he’s got a new pad to bring the college ladies too. My man Richie!