Bruce Springsteen Throws Guitar At Technician’s Head During On-Stage Mishap In Atlanta

Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Bruce Springsteen threw his electric guitar during his Feb. 3 concert at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena and accidentally hit his technician square in the head.

Video footage shows the moment guitar tech Kevin Buell got whacked by the electric Fender Telecaster and fell flat on the floor of the stage from the impact. Springsteen seems to have immediately noticed that something had gone terribly wrong, and rushed to check on his crew member, but Buell had already begun making his way off stage.

The legendary musician really gave the guitar a good haul when he tossed it. The video shows him standing at the front of the stage as his song winds down. He turned around, bent his knees, and gave the guitar a solid boost, launching the instrument several feet in the air, well across the stage, to the very opposite side.

Buell had his arms raised in the air as he moved toward the guitar in an attempt to catch it, but before he could change course, the electric guitar smacked him in the face and he went crashing down. It remains unclear if he sustained any lasting injuries during this incident. (RELATED: Shocking Video Shows Fan Falling From Balcony During Drake’s Concert)

This isn’t the only time Springsteen has tossed his guitar to the folks standing toward the back of the stage, but it does seem to be the first time it resulted in a mishap of this nature.

Video footage from Springsteen’s 2016 show in Seattle and 2009 concert in March show the same ‘signature guitar-toss’ without any negative repercussions.