‘South Park’ Hilariously Flays Harry And Meghan In Latest Episode


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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“South Park” took aim at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by roasting the former royals over their constant demands for privacy while simultaneously parading their personal lives in front of the media.

The segment  slams the couple’s hypocrisy as they stage an interview on a Canadian talk show. Cartoon versions of the couple make their way across the stage while holding up signs that read “Stop looking at us!” and “We want our privacy!!”  The clip immediately launched into the irony of Harry and Markle’s demands for seclusion as they release a Netflix special.

The ridicule heats up when Prince Harry is dragged for releasing his memoir, titled “Spare.” The “South Park” parody mocks the book by calling it, “Waaaagh,” as they take jabs at Harry for constantly complaining about living his privileged life in the lap of luxury.

The spotlight was put on Harry as he called journalists “stupid” then effectively became one with the release of his memoir.

The clip then took aim at Markle for soaking up the very spotlight she claimed to abhor.

“Some people might say that your Instagram-loving bitch wife actually doesn’t want her privacy,” the cartoon Good Morning Canada host said.(RELATED: Neutered Prince Harry Hits ’60 Minutes’ To Continue His Whine Tour)

The host called out Markle’s circle of celebrity-friends and her acting career, and the cartoon Harry makes a feeble attempt defending her.

“My Instagram-loving bitch wife has always wanted her privacy!” he said.

The cartoon Harry then went on to declare, “And you know what else, to hell with Canada!”,  a jab at the nomadic lifestyle that Harry and Markle have embraced since being shunned by the royals.