Famous WWE Star Nikki Bella Had To Get Past Several Glitches And Fails On Her Wedding Day

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous WWE star Nikki Bella had to get past a lot of wedding day issues and glitches before walking down the aisle to marry Artem Chigvintsev.

Bella and Chigvintsev invested a great deal of time, energy, and money to make sure their long-awaited wedding was a huge success, but were forced to contend with a slew of wedding woes on their big day. The wedding-day blunders were featured on Thursday’s episode of the E! special “Nikki Bella Says I Do” and included a less-than-perfect wedding dress, missing rings, and the sudden removal of their son from his very special position as the couple’s ring boy, according to People.

The former WWE star discovered her dream dress wasn’t steamed the night before the wedding, and while she was dealing with that disappointment, her fiance was facing some stress of his own.

“I’m not in a good place right now to give a vow because my mind clearly is not where it should be,” Chigvintsev said, when he realized the wedding rings were missing, according to the outlet. “This is the most ridiculous situation right now. I don’t understand how rings can just disappear.”

Bella, who was attempting to get ready in the adjacent room was feeling the same level of anxiety. “I just really want to get this ceremony started because we’re not going to have time for anything else,” Bella said. “I feel like we’re rushing through everything. I was really excited, and now there are all of these negative things.” (RELATED: Billionaire Nelson Peltz Sues Fired Wedding Planners Who Refused To Return Deposit)

Fellow “Dancing With The Stars” contestant helped give Chigvintsev a pep talk, and the groom was able to see things in a different light.

“I have a beautiful woman who wants to marry me and who I want to marry, and I have a room full of people who care for both of us,” he said, according to People. “When I started thinking from that perspective, the storm in my mind died down.”

The couple did make it down the aisle and exchanged beautiful vows they had custom written for one another, but there was another major wedding disaster that awaited them. When it was time for their son to bring the rings forward, their little ring boy was missing.

“Yeah, so I’m not Matteo but…” Bella’s brother, JJ Garcia, said. He stepped forward and said, “He’s supposedly not feeling too well right now,” and stepped in to the role. Bella experienced a moment of anxiety and nearly left to go check on her son, but was assured her son was ok, according to People.

The rest of the wedding was much smoother by comparison.