Mom Claims Her Son Was Suspended When School Found Her OnlyFans Content

Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images for OnlyFans

Paul Aubert Contributor
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An OnlyFans “model” expressed outrage after her seven-year-old son was allegedly suspended from a Florida school over the explicit content she produced.

Sara Blake Cheek, 31, said she had to homeschool her child for a brief period and felt “humiliated” by the school’s decision, the Daily Star reported in early February.

Before her child was suspended, Cheek claims she was barred from attending her child’s football games or even communicating with coaches. “They erased me from my kids’ lives and humiliated me for what I did in private by exposing that secret,” Cheek, a single mother, said.

Cheek spoke out against the school after another OnlyFans “model” and single mother, Victoria Triece, made headlines for claiming that a Florida public school told her to stop volunteering at the school. (RELATED: Teacher, Husband Both Lose Their Jobs After Recording OnlyFans Content In Classroom)

Triece said the school’s decision came after a student’s concerned mother emailed the school board with images of the content Triece produced, according to Business Insider.

Triece filed a lawsuit against the school system, claiming cyber-harassment and an invasion of privacy and that she “reasonably expected” her OnlyFans content “would not be shared with teachers, principals.”

The single mother said the incident led her to experience “shame, humiliation, mental anguish, hurt feelings, and aggravation.”

In March 2022, Triece launched a similar lawsuit. The judge dismissed the case, ruling Triece did not possess “a clear legal right to participate” in school volunteer work.

“Having your rights as a mother, a good one at that, taken by someone else for providing, is unimaginably the worst feeling in the world,” Cheek said in a message to Triece.