Average Penis Size Has Skyrocketed In Recent Years And Some Doctors Are Concerned

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James Lynch Contributor
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A new study by Stanford University scientists shows the average penis size has grown tremendously despite sperm and testosterone levels declining.

Over the past 29 years, the average erect penis length grew 24%, based on data from 75 studies conducted from 1942 to 2021 measuring the penis lengths of more than 55,000 men, according to the study. The trend was visible in men around the world and across all age groups, with no other visible trends in penile size. (RELATED: STUDY: Immunity From Infection As Protective As COVID-19 Vaccination)

The comprehensive study was published in The World Journal of Men’s Health by a group of scientists led by Stanford Urologist Michael Eisenberg. The scientists speculated that earlier pubertal milestones, sedentary lifestyles and exposure to environmental changes are causing erectile penis length to increase.

“Any overall change in development is concerning, because our reproductive system is one of the most important pieces of human biology,” Eisenberg told Stanford’s Scope blog. “If we’re seeing this fast of a change, it means that something powerful is happening to our bodies. We should try to confirm these findings and if confirmed, we must determine the cause of these changes.”

Eisenberg and his team conducted the study because of negative trends for male genital development, such as declining sperm counts, lower testosterone levels, higher rates of testicular cancer and increasing genital birth defects.