Rihanna Streams Surge After Super Bowl Halftime Performance

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

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Rihanna’s streaming numbers on Spotify have surged after her halftime performance in the Super Bowl.

Billboard reported that after the Super Bowl, Rihanna’s streams increased to 62.2 million from Feb. 12-13 compared to 25.8 million from Feb. 10-11, according to data tracking firm Luminate.

On Spotify, she enjoyed a 640% increase in streams after her performance, according to the Daily Mail.

The firm also claims that Rihanna’s songs have earned 88 million clicks over the course of the Feb. 16 tracking week. For comparison, the firms claims that her songs garnered 42.3 million streams in the week that ended on December 29, 2022, according to Billboard. (RELATED: Reviewing Rihanna: The Super Bowl Halftime Show Hits And Misses)

Rihanna’s massive surge in streams might explain why the artist decided to perform event, despite not being formally paid. The artist made $97,000 in royalties in the three days after her performance.

This uptick in music streams and sales is common for Super Bowl halftime performers. Lady Gaga’s sales spiked 1000% after her 2017 performance. Justin Timberlake’s sales increased 534% after his 2018 performance, according to The Mirror.