Ex-NFL Player Greg Hardy Accused Of Domestic Violence Gets KO’d In His First Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship Bout


Seth Roy Contributor
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Former NFL defensive end Greg Hardy was knocked out cold Friday night in his first clash in the B.K.F.C (Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship).

Former MMA fighter Josh Watson viscously beat down Hardy from the moment their fight started. Watson nailed the former NFL defender with a nasty left hook in the opening round of the fight, which stunned Hardy. Hardy was saved by the ring ropes or else he would have been sent down to the canvas.

Less than ten seconds into the second round, Watson would catch Hardy with another left hook that knocked Hardy out cold. This forced the referee to stop the contest as Hardy looked too damaged to continue on.

Prior to Hardy’s B.K.F.C debut, he held a record of 7-5 as an MMA fighter, according to UFC stats. His loss to Watson is a tad surprising since he had a decent career with the UFC from 2018 to 2022. His smash mouth style of fighting apparently was undermined by Watson’s deadly striking abilities.

In May 2014, the controversial football star was arrested for a domestic violence incident where he allegedly attacked a female and threw her onto a bed full of guns, according to CBS Sports. The outlet noted that the woman claimed Hardy would threaten to shoot and kill her if she reported the incident to anyone or to the media.

Considering the former Pro Bowler’s inexcusable past, Hardy getting knocked out like this was awesome to see happen. Anytime a man puts his hands on a woman, they deserve to get their ass kicked like this. (RELATED: XFL Reveals Jerseys For All Teams Ahead Of Opening Weekend. Here Are The Best And Worst Ones)

There’s nothing better than seeing a jerk human being get laid out like this. It seemed long overdue.