Teacher Who Dons Z-Cup Prosthetic Breasts Wears Them ‘Extremely Infrequently’ At Home, Neighbor Says

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The Canadian shop teacher who made waves for wearing overly large prosthetic breasts and a blonde wig while teaching, doesn’t dress the same way at home, a neighbor says. 

Kayla Lemieux, who until recently went by the name of Kerry, reportedly doesn’t dress as a woman all the time, despite receiving international attention for donning Z-cup breasts with protruding nipples while teaching at an Ontario high school, according to the New York Post.  

“After shopping at a department store and pet supplies shop dressed as a woman, Lemieux headed home to get changed and emerged dressed as a man 30 minutes later. Lemieux then spent the afternoon in public wearing men’s sweatpants, trainers, a gray T-shirt and a navy puffer vest without breasts, makeup, glasses or wig,” The New York Post reported. 

Lemieux’s neighbor, who asked not to be identified, told the outlet that Lemieux’s over the top get up is worn ”extremely infrequently,” adding that Lemieux dons the breasts “to teach,” or when the police visit, or “occasionally” when the teacher goes for a walk.  

The revelation sparked outrage with parent Celina Close who argued that the attire Lemieux wears to class is “unprofessional, offensive and has caused chaos in the school environment.”

“The school has been adamant in telling parents this is a transitioning teacher who needs to express themselves as a woman,” Close told the New York Post

“Why does Lemieux choose to appear like he does at school when he dresses as a man in his personal time?” she continued. 

Oakville Trafalgar High School and the Halton School District where Lemieux teaches, stood by Lemieux’s gender identity and maintained its commitment to fostering an inclusive environment for teachers and students alike when the teacher began donning the breasts in 2022. (RELATED: California School Cub To Host Lunchtime Screening Of Trans Documentary Featuring Full-Frontal Nudity)

“We are aware of discussion on social media and in the media regarding Oakville Trafalgar High School,” the district stated at the time. “We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate to our community that we are committed to establishing and maintaining a safe, caring, inclusive, equitable and welcoming learning and working environment for all students and staff.”

Lemieux has denied the allegations, stating that the Z-cup breasts are real.

“This is who I am. This is how I look. You’ve been talking to people in my building but what they’re telling you is harsh and untrue. I am always going out looking the way I am,” Lemieux told the New York Post.

“My condition is classified as gigantomastia, which can also be referred to as macromastia or breast hypertrophy. It’s rare, there’s no doubt about it. It affects women on a very rare basis, but in my case, I believe — and my doctor thinks — because I have XX chromosomes as well, that has something to do with it, and hormone sensitivity to estrogen has caused it,” Lemieux told the outlet.

The Canadian teacher admits, though, that a formal diagnosis was never achieved, according to the New York Post.