DeSantis Responds To Nikki Haley Criticism

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday responded to critics during an appearance on “Fox and Friends.”

Nikki Haley, who recently formally announced her candidacy for the 2024 presidential race, criticized DeSantis on Thursday over the Parental Bill of Rights, arguing it didn’t go “far enough.”

“Basically, what it said was you shouldn’t be able to talk about gender before third grade,” Haley said, according to Fox News. “I’m sorry. I don’t think that goes far enough.”

“When I was in school you didn’t have sex-ed until 7th grade. And even then, your parents had to sign whether you could take the class. That’s a decision for parents to make,” she reportedly added.

DeSantis spoke to the criticism on Monday.

“You come under a lot of incoming fire recently,” co-host Lisa Boothe said. “Nikki Haley taking aim at you, at Larry Hogan, as well, and the governor of Illinois, from your visit coming up here to Chicago. What is your reaction to some of those attacks?” (RELATED: Ron DeSantis To Address Chicago Police Union Amid Rumors Of 2024 Run)


“Well, Lisa, you know, if you are an office holder and you are just sitting there twiddling your thumbs and not getting anything done, no one ever says anything. You can kind of just fly under the radar. But when you’re out there leading, when you are out there setting the agenda, not just for Florida, but for the nation, which we have done over the last few years, people see that, and people that don’t necessarily like that are going to respond accordingly. But I can tell you, if people are not firing me, I must be doing my job. So I view really as positive feedback.”

Former President Donald Trump has also sparred with DeSantis, accusing the governor of partying with female high schoolers and for voting against 2018 immigration bill while he was in Congress.