Florida Man Arrested For Allegedly Killing And Burying Roommate Who Threw His Food On The Ground

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Paul Aubert Contributor
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A Florida man allegedly murdered and buried his roommate in a fit of drunken rage after the roommate threw his food away, according to police.

On Feb. 12, police arrested Bryan Marquez after finding a dead body partially buried in Marquez’s Fort Pierce backyard when responding to the concerned homeowner’s call, Law & Crime reported.

Fort Pierce Police said Marquez, 22, was arrested immediately due to a non-related outstanding warrant, saying that he confessed to killing his roommate during questioning.

Marquez only knew the roommate as “Guanajuato,” a Hispanic man around 35-45 years old, the autopsy report stated.

Marquez grew infuriated with his roommate after he threw a plate full of Marquez’s food on the ground, the arrest report explains.

After consuming alcohol, Marquez decided to confront Guanajuato. Marquez told authorities he punched the man in the ribs, face, and nose, eventually leading to his death.

After realizing the man was dead, Marquez dragged Guanajuato’s body into the yard before burying him in an 18-inch-deep grave and going to sleep. (RELATED: FedEx Driver Who Murdered Texas Girl May Get Death Penalty)

The arrest record said blood, rocks, gloves, shovels, plywood, and a blanket were found at the crime scene.

“There was an altercation between them earlier in the day over food. He didn’t like that our victim had thrown food away. He indicated that he got intoxicated throughout the day, approached him at night, and that’s what he did what he did,” Sergeant Charles Donnon of the Fort Pierce Police Department told CBS12.

Donnon said the owner of the property called the police after spotting Guanajuato’s leg poking out of the shallow grave.

Currently, Marquez is facing a first-degree murder charge and is in jail.