Woman Says She Dropped Curry While Fleeing Rampaging Badger In Gas Station


Paul Aubert Contributor
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A woman being “chased by a badger” at a gas station in the United Kingdom said she was so terrified of the creature she dropped her curry.

Molly Padget stopped in a Shell station in Stafford while driving back from work Feb. 13 when a badger began chasing her around the store, according to North Wales Live.

Despite badgers typically being scared of interacting with humans, the wild animal chased an apparently frantic Padget around the store before it scurried into a bathroom, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Hungry Badger May Have Unearthed 200 Roman-Era Coins Hidden In Cave)

“I was scared though when he chased after me, I dropped my curry trying to get away by going down two different aisles, he was always close behind until he went into the bathroom,” Padget told North Wales Live.

“It’s the first badger I’ve ever seen alive,” she added.

The woman said the employees were also alarmed when the badger began running around the store, North Wales Live reported. “None of the other staff members saw the badger come in, but when they did they all screamed,” she told the outlet.

“A random man asked for a brush and said he hadn’t had his TB [tuberculosis] jab, but would have a good crack at ushering the badger out, which he did,” she continued, according to North Wales Live.

Watch a video of the badger incident here.