‘Get It Done’: A.J. Brown Says He’ll Leave Philadelphia Eagles If They Don’t Pay Jalen Hurts

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Talk about keeping it real.

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver A.J. Brown is dead set on holding his franchise together for their Super Bowl roster for the next season, and he’s very well aware that it all starts with keeping star quarterback Jalen Hurts — who happens to be eligible for a contract extension this offseason, with 2023 being the last year on his rookie deal.

So what does Brown do with the stakes this high? He plays hardball, offering Eagles general manager Howie Roseman a simple ultimatum: “Give Jalen his money, or I want the hell out.”

I’m, of course, paraphrasing, but that’s pretty much what he meant, and yeah, Brown made the comment in a joking way. but we all know he meant it.

“I love Philly,” said Brown on Raw Room. “And what I’m about to say: You do not pay this man, just ship me off wherever he finna go. Listen, so you’re talking about pressure? Howie, get it done.”

Holy shit, A.J. Brown kept it so G, and he might have said this whole thing in a joking way, but that man is dead serious from where I’m sitting.

I wouldn’t trip as an Eagles fan at all, though, because you know damn well ol’ Howie in Philly is most definitely going to give Jalen Hurts his money. Shit, he’s the whole key to them being in the Super Bowl. (RELATED: UNLV Defensive Lineman Ryan Keeler Dies At 20 Years Old)

Still, I love the bluntness.