Trump Has The Golf World Split In Heated Debate After He Drives On The Green

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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No matter how you feel about Trump, you have to acknowledge that he’s an outright G.

ZIRE GOLF posted footage on Instagram Feb. 21 of former President Donald J. Trump doing one of the things that he does best: golf. Well, while the Trumpster was out doing his thing enjoying the perks of being a billionaire living in Florida and owning his own course, he sparked up a massive debate in the online golf community.

Heading his way towards the hole to make his putt, Trump happened to be driving on the green, not giving a single (bleep), and pissing off golf traditionalists everywhere — and making people who think Trump is a G (like me) giddy at the sight of him doing whatever the hell he wants.

It’s so great.


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Now personally, I get why the golf traditionalists are mad. I know if I were on a golf course, I would want to play on a flashy green. After all, golf is a flashy game. So I get that aspect of the debate.

At the same time, this did appear to happen at Trump’s course, so, it’s his to do whatever he wants to with it. It’s that plain and simple. For some reason in this society, people have the thought process that they can tell others what to do with their lives, careers, properties, whatever it may be. In the words of my Kiwi wife: “Utter rubbish.” (RELATED: Mortgage Tycoon Mat Ishbia Buys Phoenix Suns For Record $4 Billion)

Carry on, Trump. I love that “f*ck you” billionaire shit.