LeBron Wants To Bring An NBA Franchise To Las Vegas, Forgets The Los Angeles Kings Exist

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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I can’t lie … I’m becoming a fan of LeBron in real time. I can feel it.

Prior to the NBA All-Star Game on Feb. 19, the media asked LeBron James about him potentially owning an NBA franchise in Las Vegas. LeBron, who has been vocal about wanting to be involved with a Vegas team in the past (even calling out NBA commissioner Adam Silver about it), once again made it known that he wants a franchise in the city.

“I would love to, at some point down the road, own an NBA franchise, and be able to bring a winning franchise to a city,” James told the press. “Vegas is a really cool city, and they’re doing some great things in sports these days. Obviously, you’ve seen what the Aces are doing, how you’ve got the Raiders there, you’ve got the Kings there, the hockey team.”

As you can see in the video, LeBron got the hockey team wrong — he was referencing the Vegas Golden Knights — but hey, shit happens. My biggest takeaway is that he wants to bring an NBA team to one of the flashiest cities in the world.

Yeah, I’m not gonna lie … it would be pretty (bleeping) cool to see an NBA team in Las Vegas, and if LeBron makes that happen, I couldn’t help but love him for it — it’s Vegas! (My second favorite city in the world after Miami.) And Vegas most certainly deserves a professional basketball team, and a baseball team while we’re at it.

By the way, when I was at the store with my wife recently, I bought LeBron’s Ruffles chips (just because LeBron was on them, which proves endorsements work for marketing), and, oh my God, those were some of the best chips I’ve had in quite some time. The flavor is flamin’ hot cheddar and sour cream. I highly recommend them: They’re excellent. (RELATED: ESPN Analyst Vince Carter Believes Kyrie Irving Is (Unfortunately) Reuniting With LeBron James)

I can’t lie, man. LeBron is kinda cool, and you can tell he wants to be liked. So, LeBron … I’ll give you one:

I kinda like you nowadays … but you still need to come back to South Beach.