Meghan Markle Reportedly Upset With ‘South Park’ Lampooning Her And Prince Harry In Perfect Way

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Meghan Markle is reportedly angry about the way she and Prince Harry were depicted on a recent episode of “South Park,” despite the fact that fans think the scene was spot-on.

Sources claim Markle has spent several days “upset and overwhelmed” by how she and Prince Harry were mocked on the show, the Spectator reported Monday. The episode, titled “The Worldwide Privacy Tour,” was fully loaded with jokes at the expense of Markle and Harry, and most viewers agreed the humor was on point.

The “South Park” episode poked fun at the couple for requesting privacy while also embarking on every possible project that will let them broadcast their version of their life stories.

The episode laced into Prince Harry for releasing a memoir that reads like a whine-a-thon, and roasted the couple for appearing in a Netflix documentary, a Spotify podcast, releasing a memoir, appearing on Oprah and doing a number of interviews, all while holding onto the claim that the media is the reason behind their big step back from the Royal Family. That hardly screams “we want our privacy” quite as well as the cartoon version of the couple did with their picket signs on “South Park.”

The hypocrisy is tough to ignore, but Markle is reportedly doing just that.

Sources close to the couple indicated Markle is in a tizzy over what she’s seen of the show so far, according to the Spectator. She is reportedly “annoyed by South Park but refuses to watch it all.”

The episode referenced Markle as a “sorority girl, actress, influencer, victim,” and ridiculed the dynamics between the couple.

“Some people might say that your Instagram-loving bitch wife actually doesn’t want her privacy,” the cartoon Good Morning Canada host said in the episode.

“My Instagram-loving bitch wife has always wanted her privacy!” cartoon Harry replied. (RELATED: ‘South Park’ Hilariously Flays Harry And Meghan In Latest Episode)

Rumor has it things have been tense between Harry and Markle since the “South Park” episode aired, and sources indicate they’ve been “taking it out on each other,” according to the Spectator.

The alleged friction seems to have stemmed from the “South Park” episode, but also comes at a time when Markle is reportedly “obsessed with her half-sister’s litigation.” Samantha Markle sued Meghan for defamation after the latter referenced herself as an “only child” during the infamous Oprah interview.

There’s also that pesky coronation coming up, and Markle and Harry have some big decisions to make about how they fit into that milestone moment for King Charles — or if they do at all.

Markle may be annoyed by the ridicule she faced on the “South Park” episode, but fans across the globe have been showing love for the comedic antics since it aired.