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Miami-Based Producer Kendrick Martinez Delivers a Hypnotic Sound Dubbed “Hier Vibez.”

Kendrick Martinez’s music is simply a creative expression of life, drawing inspiration from anything that springs to the surface—the beauty of nature, captivating artworks, and exquisite aromas and flavors that evoke emotion. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, with his heart and soul, he delves deep into the creative process to make music that is heartfelt, mood-evoking, and emotive. The identity of Kendrick’s work is strongly influenced by different rhythms as he takes his ‘hier’ brand to the next level and proves that you can go for your dreams at any point in your life and succeed amazingly. For Martinez, he quit his engineering and running professional careers so as to concentrate on making music, and his decision thus far has been vindicated!

“Hier Vibez” is a defining identity of Martinez’s sound; hypnotic and prolific! Just from the start, the beats jump at a listener with that impressive blend of rhythm and melody that is haunting and imposing in its own exceptional ways.

A beautiful fountain of hip hop-flavored melodies hits your eardrums with an infectious aura, and the more the track builds, the more you know this is going to make the most of your listening days. This is such a pristine production to engineer such a timeless masterpiece that really puts Martinez in the same breath as some of the most virtuosic producers, such as Khaled, Mike Dean, Metro, and others!

It is little surprise that “Hier Vibez” has over 248K streams on Spotify alone—this is authentic music production at its finest, which leaves no room for questions or critiques. The vibe is just too good; you don’t want it to end, but as fate would have it, everything good must unfortunately come to an end—the only good thing about our fate is that you can put it on loop and just ride with it!

I just hope you will find this sound as invigorating as I did; to find out, follow the attached link, and if you like what hits you, save it to your library ASAP!




Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kendrickmartinezofficial

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/hierkendrick