Virginia Tech Students Lose Their Absolute Sh*t Over Free Bacon

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My Canes still won the game though, just sayin’.

The Virginia Tech Hokies squared off against the Miami Hurricanes in a Feb. 22 college basketball game, and while my Canes walked away with the dub, the Hokies walked away with free bacon.

Thanks to a sponsorship from Smithfield, Virginia Tech fans are a part of a promotion where they can win free bacon, and the rules are simple: If the opposing team misses back-to-back free throws, everybody gets said free bacon. Well, that’s exactly what happened in the game against the boys from South Beach, and the Hokie students in particular lost their absolute shit.

With 4:31 left in the game, Miami was sent to the free-throw line down by four to Virginia Tech. Representing the Hurricanes was Jordan Miller, who missed his first attempt to set the stage for the Hokie faithful to land their free bacon, and they all knew it. Well, Miller ended up missing his second free throw, and the student section blew the lid off of the place.

I was watching this game in real time, a little bit frustrated that it was looking like my Canes were about to get upset, and then we got to this scene of the game. Yeah, I won’t lie, I was annoyed with Hokies fans losing their shit over their free bacon — and obviously not over the bacon itself, but because Jordan missed those two free throws.

Fast forward a morning later after we got the win, and yeah, I can appreciate this moment, which highlights how truly glorious basketball giveaways are. Remember Philadelphia 76ers fans getting free chicken nuggets earlier this season? (RELATED: LeBron Wants To Bring An NBA Franchise To Las Vegas, Forgets The Los Angeles Kings Exist)

And not just any chicken nuggets — Chik-fil-A chicken nuggets:

You’re welcome, Virginia Tech.