Adele Overshares About Her Health Woes During Live Performance In Las Vegas

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Adele candidly spoke about her health woes in the middle of a Las Vegas Residency  performance on Feb. 20.

The famous singer used her time on stage at Caesars Palace to talk about her sore back instead of belting out the tunes the audience had paid a high price to hear. Her 32-show performance run of “Weekends with Adele” kicked off in November, and she had previously described her back pain to fans. Yet, she felt the need to do it again.

“Is anyone else kind of my age starting getting bad knees?” she asked the crowd, according to The Evening Standard. Fans definitely care about Adele and are wishing her the best. But did she have to hijack a show to complain about her pain?


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The famous singer changed the energy in the building from ‘fun ‘ to ‘serious’ by talking about her health condition.

“I have got really bad sciatica in my left leg and my L5 disc is not fucking there anymore. It’s worn away,” the 34-year-old musician said, during her show.

Adele has well over 51.9 million followers on her Instagram page alone, and likely could have used that platform to vent about her pain and personal problems to her fans.

The concert discussion wasn’t the way to go. (RELATED: ‘My Own F*cking Body’: Iggy Azalea Takes Pride In Making Money On OnlyFans)


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Fans stretched their dollars to pay for tickets to her show, with StubHub listing the cost anywhere between $1,500-$26,00o per seat. They came to have fun, to be entertained, and to enjoy a night out. Chances are everyone in the arena was suffering from their own woes, but were putting it all aside to enjoy this moment watching Adele perform on stage.

The star is performing with a disintegrated disc in her spine, and there’s no doubt she’s enduring great pain by putting her body through the performances at Caesar’s Palace. But she didn’t have to make this a ‘painful’ experience for her fans.

Perhaps next time she’ll leave the sad stories for social media and keep her live shows focused on what they’re meant to be — a showcase of her incredible musical talents.