Former NBA Superstar Dwight Howard, 11 Others Ejected After Basketball Brawl Explodes On Court

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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None of these people know how to fight.

During a T1 basketball game between the Taoyuan Leopards and the TaiwanBeer HeroBears in Taiwan on Feb. 19, a brawl ended up exploding that saw a total of 12 players ejected, including former NBA superstar Dwight Howard.

With only seconds left in the game, HeroBears point guard captain Chiang Yu-an got smashed in the face with an elbow by Leopards guard Chen Hsiao-jung, which resulted in a massive brawl breaking out on the court.

Yu-an then charged after Hsiao-jung, with both getting entangled and throwing “punches” (if you can call them that) as players from both sides, as well as officials, tried to separate the scrum. HeroBears assistant coach Lin Chieh-ho ended up charging after Hsiao-jung, trying to lay a “punch” on him but failing, with Hsiao-jung swinging back before players and referees got in the middle of things.

Howard can be seen on the sidelines watching the brawl and, by the looks of the video, attempting to be a peacemaker; however, he also eventually got hit with an ejection after he was seen with his arms outstretched while partaking in conversation.

Not really much of a fight, if you ask me. Holy hell, did you see those “punches” — if you can even call them that?

Holy shit, that was bad.

With Dwight Howard in particular, I’m a bit confused as to why he got ejected. I watched the video in its entirety twice and didn’t see a damn thing he did wrong, but at the same time, I’m not familiar with the rules of T1. It might be something similar to the NBA, where you’re ejected for leaving the bench, but who knows? (RELATED: ‘With The Silencer’: College Hoops Announcer Makes Brandon Miller Call)

Regardless, what a God-awful “fight.”