Florida Gators Fan Appears To Choke Kentucky Wildcats’ Cason Wallace In Middle Of Game. Was It An Accident?

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Because of course it was a Florida fan.

A Florida Gators fan was ejected from a men’s basketball game after appearing to choke Kentucky Wildcats‘ Cason Wallace Feb. 22 during live action in the second half.

Wallace went to save the ball from going out of bounds. Then, while getting ready to run to the opposite side of the court, a Gators fan that was standing courtside put his arm out, appearing to choke Wallace in the process. Play was immediately stopped by officials.

Wildcats head coach John Calipari was absolutely pissed while standing on the Kentucky sideline and while he was going on a tirade, referees were discussing the matter. In fact, it got so tense that the zebras even went to the video to review everything, with the replay showing the fan’s arm around Wallace’s neck.

Here is one angle of the incident, another angle, and also the aftermath:

Wait, did you see that?

Okay, so I hate to defend a Florida Gators fan, because I absolutely despise that base being a Miami Hurricanes fan and my dad being a Florida State Seminoles fan. And believe me, that’s some real hate, these people are despicable:

But in that particular Gators fan’s defense, he was pointing his arm out with his face towards the court where the live game was going on, he wasn’t even looking at Cason Wallace and he was talking about something going on in the game (appearing to yell at one of the players), so this was clearly an accident. (RELATED: Alabama Star Brandon Miller Provided Gun Used To Kill Woman In Shooting, Police Say)

I really do hate to defend a Florida fan here, but roll the clip again:

He’s innocent — but I love how Tim Hart and Jimmy Dykes (the announcers) were ready to kill the guy.