Man Allegedly Shot Store Manager In The Face After Argument Over Can Of Gravy

Photo not from story (Photo by Ina FASSBENDER / AFP) (Photo by INA FASSBENDER/AFP via Getty Images)

Carson Choate Contributor
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A Philadelphia store manager was shot in the head around 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 19 after reportedly getting into a dispute with a man and woman who wanted a can of gravy.

The couple were apparently looking for a can of gravy that the Save A Lot store, located on 6301 Chew Avenue, wasn’t carrying at the time, according to NBC 10 Philadelphia. A security guard eventually got involved when they continued to argue with the manager of the store. The woman then allegedly pulled a gun on the guard, who was able to disarm the woman and disable the firearm.

The couple was then escorted out of the building. The man, who was also armed, then allegedly pointed his weapon at the guard and demanded that he give the woman back her gun, NBC 10 reported.

After returning the woman’s firearm, the man went back into the store and allegedly shot the manager point blank in the head, according to NBC 10. They then allegedly fled the scene and ran across the street towards the Awbury Park Apartments. (RELATED: Shooter Walks Right Up To NYC Deli Worker, Fires At Point Blank Range)

The store manager has since been hospitalized and is currently in critical condition, the outlet reported.

Philadelphia Police Captain James Kearney addressed the attack in a Wednesday press conference, where he asked the community to help identify the two suspects, who he said had visited the store before.

“We believe they’re from that neighborhood and we’re asking for that community to reach out to us, give us a name, and we will take it from there,” Kearney said, according to NBC 10. “We just need a small piece of the puzzle to give this family some justice and hold these two accountable. We’re talking about two guns that are on the street. We’re talking about people who instantly decided to come back into that store and fire a round at this man just doing his job.”