Scarborough Rips Trump’s Visit To Ohio, Says Biden Is ‘Risking His Life’ In Ukraine

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough criticized former President Donald Trump’s visit to East Palestine, Ohio, arguing President Joe Biden has not visited the derailment site because he is “risking his life” in Ukraine.

Trump visited East Palestine, Ohio, to deliver resources Wednesday.

“We’re bringing thousands of bottles of water — Trump water, actually, most of it,” Trump said. “Some of it, we had to go to a much lesser-quality water. You want to get those Trump bottles, I think, more than anybody else. But we’re bringing a lot of water, thousands of bottles, and we have it in trucks, and we brought some on my plane today. But to that end, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve helped coordinate the delivery of the water and bottled water, as well as the tractor trailers full of it. We have big tractor trailers full of water. I think you’re going to have plenty of water, for a long time maybe.”

Scarborough lashed out at Trump’s visit.

“The guy is just so gross. He really is. I mean, you’re talking about Trump water, branded Trump water. And by the way, he’s such a hypocrite, too, talking about attacking Joe Biden while Joe Biden is going, you know, risking his life, fighting for Western democracy, something he doesn’t give a damn about, something — you know, when you have a guy that talks about suspending the Constitution, it’s just absolutely insane,” Scarborough said.

A Norfolk Southern train carrying toxic chemicals derailed Feb. 3 near East Palestine, prompting evacuations and shelter-in-place orders throughout the town. Officials have said it is safe for residents to return to the town and that the air and water are safe, though residents have expressed skepticism and requested the federal government do more to help.

Trump visited the small town Wednesday after announcing he would be donating pallets of water and cleaning supplies. (RELATED: ‘We’re Like A Third World Nation’: Trump Hammers Pete Buttigieg Over Handling Of Toxic Train Derailment)

The former president was met largely with open arms as local residents accused the Biden administration of not doing enough in the aftermath of the derailment.

East Palestine Mayor Trent Conaway on Monday criticized President Joe Biden for not making a trip to the town.

“He can send every agency he wants to, but I found out this morning that he was in Ukraine giving millions of dollars away to people over there and not to us … on Presidents’ Day in our country, so I’m furious,” the mayor said.

Local resident Jennifer Lohr told the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) she is “so glad [Trump has] taken an interest in our tiny town.”

“For him to come down on his own dime to help us out, to say ‘what can he do’ … even his presence here is drawing us attention and that’s all we need is attention, so we’re not forgotten,” she continued.

Lohr told the DCNF the town water is not safe to drink. “We know that the water is okay right this second that’s coming out of the tap. It’s not okay in the wells. It’s not okay in the creeks.”

Another resident, Michael Viccari, told the DCNF he was not surprised Biden went to Ukraine instead of Ohio.

“It wasn’t really surprising. It sounds like something he would do, so it doesn’t surprise me at all. And it doesn’t surprise me that Trump decided to come out here for us, so if he gets to hear this tell him we all appreciate it out here,” Viccari said.