Student Basketball Announcer Goes Absolutely Berserk After Snow Day Cancels School

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This kid is an absolute legend.

Put yourself in the shoes of a high school kid.

You’re at a basketball game watching your team play and they get a win, and then afterwards, you get the news that you’re off school the next day because of snow … sounds pretty epic, right?

Well, that’s exactly what happened in Hamilton, Michigan, and on top of that, the epic scene came along with some legendary commentary from a student announcer, who was doing play-by-play for the game.

After Hamilton Community School landed a 57-45 win over West Catholic High School, sophomore broadcaster Aiden Lynch broke the news about the snow day, and he didn’t just inform his fellow students, he went absolutely berserk about it himself, forever solidifying his legendary status in the history books.

You know Lynch is an instant legend at that school now for going viral (I’m sure that will do him well with the ladies), and another thing — you know that clip is going to get played for years at that school after he graduates. That’s how legendary this whole thing is.

On top of that, with how things goes viral nowadays and get rewarded a lot of times, I can see some sports media company offering him a future job for this, or some college giving him a broadcasting scholarship. Watch. I’ve seen this story before. (RELATED: Former NBA Superstar Dwight Howard, 11 Others Ejected After Basketball Brawl Explodes On Court)

And that will make him even more of a legend — such a king.