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The Rise of a Trial Lawyer: Eric S. Rosen’s Journey to Victory

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It’s no secret that the public perception of lawyers is mixed at best. In popular culture and the various shows that feature them, lawyers can be everything from opportunistic to romantic, with a high propensity for scheming behind their colleagues’ backs either way.

People’s opinions reflect that image – a 2014 Princeton University study found that people generally see lawyers as highly competent but cold. Lawyers as professionals are respectable, but they’re not trustworthy.

But when young Eric Scott Rosen encountered the reality of a courtroom while still in law school, the word he’d use to describe what he saw was – heroic.

“I would go into courtrooms to watch trials. And I remember I walked into a courtroom and saw a lawyer, sitting there with his client, going up against what looked like an army of lawyers,” he recalls. “And I said to myself – that’s who I want to become.”

That’s exactly what Eric Scott Rosen did. He became at home in a courtroom where the odds didn’t seem to be going in his favor. He’s learned to thrive in that environment, winning millions of dollars in verdicts for his clients.

The road that got him to this point, where he runs his own law firm Rosen Injury Law and is the head of a seven-person team, wasn’t short. But like most roads worth taking, it eventually got him where he wanted to be.

That crucial moment when he understood how much power a single lawyer can wield happened in 2006. It left him with a strong sense of responsibility that lawyers have for keeping the legal system honest and working for everyone in the community, not just the ones who can afford expensive, high-powered lawyers in nicer suits.

Eric S. Rosen’s journey started when he joined the Broward County’s Office of State Attorney as a prosecutor. He spent over a year there before venturing out on his own and using his skills to help people who suffered injury or other types of loss due to someone else’s misconduct. In his first case, he represented a widow of an officer who tragically died in a motorcycle accident, settling the case for policy limits.

It wasn’t long before he got an offer with a renowned boutique personal injury firm in Fort Lauderdale. The partners of the firm quickly became his mentors. Over the next ten years he spent there, Eric S. Rosen took every opportunity to learn from the experienced trial attorneys in the firm, trying cases as second and third chair, taking on the likes of Big Tobacco, and contributing to multi-million dollars worth of verdicts.

But the breakthrough came in 2016 when he was asked by the partners to try an unwinnable case. It was one of the Big Tobacco cases, and it came with a note that the odds were stacked so tall against him there was little chance of winning. After fighting with all his heart, he sat back while the jury deliberated and realized, he had become the trial lawyer he set out to be.  A highly skilled trial lawyer willing and able to stand up to the biggest and baddest corporations in the world.  Although he was the underdog, Eric Rosen won that case for his clients, getting them a $13 million verdict.  Between 2016 and 2020, Eric led the trial teams that won over $100 million in verdicts for his clients.

It was in January 2020, when Eric decided to take the next step in his career using his skill and reputation to start his own firm. With Rosen Injury Law, Eric Scott Rosen continued providing valuable services to his clients as one of the few board-certified civil trial specialists in Florida, going from one victory for his clients to another.