Video Shows Driver Crash Car Through Fence And Into Swimming Pool


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A surveillance video captured the moment a car ploughed through a fence and ended up in a residential swimming pool in Florida on Thursday.

The driver of the vehicle was reportedly unharmed despite his involvement in a brutal crash Thursday, NBC Miami reported. The video suggests the driver was absolutely fine, as he emerged from the car unscathed despite destroying a significant portion of a family home.

Another adult and a toddler were in the car when the driver crashed through a front yard area, a fence, and took a dive into their swimming pool, NBC noted. The video shows the driver somewhat nonchalantly walking away from the car as it lay smoldering, half-in, half-out of the water. The other passengers cannot be seen.One of the residents at the home can be seen running up to the screen door.

Police say that the driver lost control of the car, and it has since been removed from the property by way of a two truck, NBC Miami noted. (RELATED: Man Finds $40,000 Ring On Florida Beach)

In 2022, a number of alligators have been found inside of residential swimming pools in Florida. We’re not sure what’s worse: finding a family car dangling over the edge of your pool or a giant animal. Neither is as bad as being attacked by a dolphin inside a swimming pool.