Mississippi State Pitcher Jurrangelo Cijntje Can Throw Heaters With Either Hand

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First, we had Shohei Ohtani — now meet Jurrangelo Cijntje.

Cijntje, a true freshman pitcher for the Mississippi State Bulldogs, made his first college baseball start on Thursday, and he revealed himself to be one of the most unique pitchers on the entire planet.

During the game, Cijntje threw four scoreless innings in a 14-3 Bulldogs victory against Louisiana-Monroe, striking out seven and only allowing one hit. But what made Cijntje stick out like a Dallas Cowboys fan at an Eagles game is that he showed off a skill that is extraordinarily rare — one of the rarest in the sport. And that’s the ability to throw 90+ mile-per-hour heaters with either hand.

The ambidextrous college star could potentially be a $50-million man one day with this kind of shit:

Holy shit, man. Wait until this kid gets to the MLB and his first free agency (because I most certainly see him being a star in MLB). He is going to make boatloads of money.

We’re looking at somebody who could potentially get an annual salary of $50, 60, maybe even $70 million per year with how the market could look by then. And that’s what I’m most excited to watch with this kid, the progression: from the college and minor league hype, to years of being a superstar, to getting paid at free agency. (RELATED: USA! USA! USA!: United States Basketball Qualifies For 2023 FIBA World Cup)

Jurrangelo Cijntje, be prepared to be loaded.