Logan Paul Calls Out The Entire Fury Family During Brother’s First Loss


Seth Roy Contributor
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The Paul brothers have been exposed!

Jake Paul was handed his first loss inside of a boxing ring on Sunday at Diriyah Arena in Riyadh, Saudia Arabia, after getting methodically picked apart by Tommy Fury in an eight-round bout.

The fight was relatively close, but Fury seemed to be a step ahead of Paul throughout the entire contest and had his hand raised in a split decision by the official at the end of the match.

With the win, Fury extended his record to a perfect 9-0.

Jake Paul deserved to lose for once. His unbearable shit talking seemed to finally backfire on him. For how much he runs his mouth, it was beautiful to see him finally get silenced by a superior opponent.

Along with Jake losing for the first time to a real boxer, his brother Logan showed the entire world why most people can’t stand him. Logan was interviewed after the third round of the match by a ringside reporter and shamefully berated Tommy Fury and his entire family on the public announcement microphone.

He said, “Tommy, if you can hear me you’re a b*tch bro,” before saying, “whole Fury family a b*tch.”

For Logan to be calling the entire Fury family bitches is extremely disrespectful to put it lightly. Especially when his brother was getting his face punched in up to that point by the eventual winner.

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As a WWE star, you’d imagine that Logan would act a bit more professional than he did during this short interview, but then again this is the same guy who posted a video to YouTube of a guy hanging dead in a Japanese forest a few years back.

That said, props to Tommy Fury for exposing Jake Paul’s overrated boxing skills and for prompting Logan Paul to reveal his true colors of the type of guy he is.

What a glorious win for the Fury family!