Trump Lawyers Say Georgia Investigation ‘Compromised’ After Lead Juror’s Media Tour

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James Lynch Contributor
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Defense attorneys for former President Donald Trump believe Georgia’s investigation into alleged election interference has been compromised by special grand jury forewoman Emily Kohrs’ media tour.

Trump’s lawyers, Drew Findling and Jennifer Little, were interviewed by CBS Correspondent Robert Costa on the network’s Sunday show, “Face the Nation.” (RELATED: MSNBC Contributor Raises Serious Questions About Grand Juror’s Motivations In Trump Election Case)

Costa asked them about Kohr’s public disclosures about the special grand jury’s investigation into Republicans’ alleged attempts to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia. She suggested that the special grand jury recommended indictments of more than a dozen officials to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.


“We’ve lost 100 percent confidence in this process. We feel this process has been compromised,” Findling said. “This 30-year-old person, to us, has actually provided us a lens and made us aware that every suspicion we had as to this questionable process was in fact a reality.”

Costa proceeded to ask them about what Kohrs did wrong legally. “But she didn’t break any rules though, right? She may have broken a norm but the grand jury was over by the time she went on this media tour, as you put it. So what did she do wrong in your view legally?”

“We have no chagrin towards this foreperson. And it looks like they lost perspective over keeping separation between prosecuting attorneys and the members of this grand jury,” Findling responded.

“There cannot be a relationship. When the foreperson uses the word ‘we’ that lets you know there’s a relationship there. When she says in interviews ‘certain battles were not worth us battling,’ it’s not the special purpose grand jury that’s litigating, it’s the district attorney’s office.”

Kohrs said she wanted to call Trump in as a witness for the investigation and told NBC about her desire to subpoena the former president. Her round of cable news interviews prompted Trump’s attorneys to talk to Costa, CBS said.