‘There Are Only 2 Genders’: Dismaying Online Activists, Top Streamer Flat Out Denies Gender Ideology

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Popular streamer Adin Ross sent waves throughout social media when he tweeted that he did not believe in the existence of more than two genders.

Ross took to Twitter Sunday to share his views about transgenderism. The streamer is well known in internet circles for his interviews of rappers and his friendship with Bronny James, son of NBA star LeBron James. Ross has been banned from streaming sites a total of 8 times, according to StreamerBans.

“THERE ARE ONLY 2 GENDERS,” Ross tweeted, prompting swift backlash.

Twitch streamer Tomo tweeted, “Being controversial does not equal good press, you just making it worse for yourself.”

“I don’t understand what happened bro..” musician DJ Scheme tweeted. “Where did spreading the love go”

One streamer responded by bringing up his relationship with social media influencer Andrew Tate, insinuating the two had a homosexual encounter.

“You just love attention innit,” Twitch streamer MaxGGs tweeted.”First you have this gay ass stream with tate where it looks like you’re waiting for any moment to suck his cock and now you’re being a loser for impressions.” (RELATED: ‘We’re Doing Our Job’: Professional Video Game Streamers Receive Backlash For Playing ‘Hogwarts Legacy’)

Some believe the whole debate surrounding gender transitioning and the validity of genders outside the male-female binary is a waste of time.

“This whole debate is so stupid to me and accomplishes nothing. Your DAY TO DAY LIFE isn’t affected if there’s 2 genders, or 2000.” Youtuber WestJett tweeted. “This issue feels divisive for no reason. There could be 0 genders and people would still find reason to argue.”

Despite the backlash, Ross received some support.

“Men can also not get pregnant,” streamer Face Hots tweeted.

“Adin going full based mode” popular social media personality and rapper Bryson Gray tweeted.

Ross has over 7 million followers on Twitch and over 3 million on Youtube. He previously faced backlash for his relationship with Tate, with Ross reportedly visiting the influencer after his arrest for human trafficking in Romania.