Damian Lillard Claims NBA Made Him Take A Drug Test Immediately After Putting Up A Whopping 71 Points

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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My man is ice cold, not roided up.

Damian Lillard claimed to reporters the NBA made him take a drug test after he put up a mesmerizing 71 points in Sunday’s 131-114 victory against the Houston Rocket

“Honestly, I was like, ‘Are y’all serious?'” Lillard said. “I did the urine test [Saturday], and they backed it up with the blood draw after the game [Sunday]. That was actually the first time in my career [getting] tested after a game. Then aside from that they know I am scared of needles. I know I got a lot of tattoos, but when you’re doing a blood draw it’s different than tattoos.”

Lillard’s 71 points came off 22-of-38 shooting, including hitting 13-of-22 of his three-pointers.

Shoutout to Dame, man. This man grinds his ass off, plays some of the most flash-and-dash basketball you’ll ever see in the history of the sport, is loyal as hell to the city of Portland and the Trail Blazers franchise, and yet he never gets any credit. (RELATED: Damian Lillard Goes On Insane Scoring Spree With 71-Point Game Against Houston Rockets)

For example, I love Skip Bayless, but what the hell is he talking about?

Drug tests, Skip Bayless … Damian Lillard is always getting shit for something.