‘I’m Not An A**hole’: Fan Brought LeBron James Doll To NBA Game, And It’s Creepy As Hell

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This isn’t creepy at all…

The Los Angeles Lakers came back from an incredible 27 point deficit Feb. 26 to grind out a win against Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving and the Dallas Mavericks, with the feat setting social media ablaze. But that wasn’t the only thing from the game that went viral.

A fan would also take off for bringing a LeBron James doll to the game, and to be quite frank, it was creepy as hell. The clip shows the fan functioning the LeBron puppet, with it bouncing a ball up and down.

To make this situation even weirder, the fan appeared to say, “I’m not an a**hole,” in the direction of an unknown party, but you either have to guess that it was a pissed off Mavericks fan or a parent because of the doll scaring the crap out of their kid.

I admire the guy’s passion for his Lakers. You’ve got to give him credit there. He loves his team so much to the point where he brought a LeBron puppet to a game. Yeah, it might be creepy as hell, but you have to respect that fandom. (RELATED: Damian Lillard Goes On Insane Scoring Spree With 71-Point Game Against Houston Rockets)

And speaking of the Lakers, check out how these guys have a complete chip on their shoulder now after getting hot right before the playoffs and coming back from being down 27 to the Mavs:

The NBA might have a problem on their hands.