Authorities Charge Ex-Husband, Relatives With Murder After Police Say They Found Parts Of Dismembered Model’s Body

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An ex-husband and his relatives are due in court Monday after being charged with the murder and dismemberment of a Hong Kong model.

Ex-husband Alex Kwong, his father Kwong Kau and his brother Anthony Kwong were charged with murdering 28-year-old model Abby Choi, NPR reported. Kwong’s mother, Jenny Li, is facing one count of perverting the course of justice for her alleged role in the situation. All four family members were placed in custody and refused bail after Choi’s body parts were found in a refrigerator.

Choi was known as a model and influencer, last posting a photoshoot she’d done with L’Officiel Monaco on Feb 19. She had more than 110,000 followers at the time of her disappearance on Feb 21, NPR noted.


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Police reportedly uncovered her dismembered body in the fridge of a home rented by Kwong Kau in a suburban area of Hong Kong on Friday. They also found a skull believed to be hers inside of a cooking pot at the same property Sunday, NPR continued. Officials believe she was fatally attacked, finding a hole on the right side of the back of her skull.

Choi was in the throes of a huge financial dispute with her ex-husband, which was said to be up into the tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars, NPR reported. A close friend of Choi’s said she had four children, Kwong being the father of her two eldest. (RELATED: Politico Suggests Angelina Jolie Might Be ‘Jane Doe’ In FBI Lawsuit Involving Domestic Violence)

Police are continuing to investigate the full circumstances surrounding her death. Authorities reportedly believe, as of Monday morning, that she was killed in a vehicle before being transported to the property, where her identification cards were found with the remains of her body.