‘We Gotta Get Different Guys’: Orlando Guardians Head Coach Terrell Buckley Keeps It 100% Real About His Team

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Terrell Buckley kept it outright G.

Orlando Guardians head coach Terrell Buckley was completely and bluntly honest about his team during a 30-12 blowout loss Sunday to the San Antonio Brahmas in Week 2 XFL action — and this was coming off a 33-12 disaster to the Houston Roughnecks in Week 1.

Buckley kept it 100% real during his interview, saying the team needs to have “different guys” on the roster.

“We gotta get different guys, and obviously, I got guys out there that are not competing, that are not making plays, so we gotta get people in there, young men that wanna play, that wanna compete and make plays,” Buckley said.

“I’m seeing guys not performing, tell ’em look at the scoreboard, they’ve gotta perform.”

And then you also have this gem:

Holy shit, I love how much Terrell Buckley kept it G: Just outright blunt honesty. Hey, that’s how things get done sometimes. Just keep it real, and that’s exactly what Buckley did. (RELATED: ‘I’m Not An A**hole’: Fan Brought LeBron James Doll To NBA Game, And It’s Creepy As Hell)

And you can’t blame him either. Just check out the dysfunction of the team:

On top of that, they have those God-awful uniforms:

You’re not doing Orlando or Florida any justice here, Guardians.

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