Teacher Who Allegedly Suggested Kids ‘Try Being Gay’ Sued For ‘Secretly Transitioning’ Fifth Grader

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Sarah Weaver Social Issues Reporter
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Parents are suing a teacher who secretly transitioned a fifth-grade student and taught from a book that explained how to use transgender hormones and access sex-change surgeries, according to a complaint filed Jan. 27.

“[The fifth grader] who was assigned female at birth and identifies as female, was targeted by her teacher, Rosenquist, throughout the 2021/2022 school year. Rosenquist forced the then nine and ten-year-old [student] to use male pronouns and a male name. As a result [the student] became confused as to her gender,” the lawsuit writes. (RELATED: Social Worker Pressured 15-Year-Old Virginia Girl Into Aborting Baby She Meant To Carry To Term, Lawsuit Alleges)

The lawsuit claims that the New York school district and its superintendent knew about Rosenquist offering age-inappropriate materials to her students, but took months to inform the fifth grader’s parents about the matter. Parents had allegedly reported that Rosenquist was using pro-trans materials from outside the approved curriculum and had encouraged students to “try being gay” or try being the opposite sex.

Rosenquist also allegedly created a book called “I Am Neither” to explain nonbinary identities to her fifth grade students, and read them a book called “When Aiden Becomes a Brother,” which discusses gender transition.

Rosenquist began calling the fifth grader, a biological female, by the male name Leo and using male pronouns for the student around Oct. 2021 according to the lawsuit.

The girl’s parents received a phone call from the school principal in Jan. 2022, informing them that their daughter had drawn a picture of a girl with the words “I wanna kill myself” and “I feel sad a lot,” and that their daughter had told a school counselor she was confused about her gender identity.

District personnel reportedly admitted that they had found materials on transgenderism and gender dysphoria in Rosenquist’s classroom that were not in the curriculum, and said that the situation with the girl was “not handled properly,” according to the lawsuit.

“Rosenquist pursued her own agenda outside the curriculum, which included persuading her fifth-grade students to try “being gay” or being another gender even when they were not,” the lawsuit alleges. “To further her agenda, Rosenquist read and provided her students graphic books about gender and sexuality which were not on the curriculum.”

On Feb. 16, Democrats in Virginia’s state Senate voted to block a bill that would require teachers and school officials to notify parents of a child’s social transition to another gender. The bill was named after a teenage girl named Sage, who was brutally sex-trafficked and gang-raped after school officials hid Sage’s decision to identify as a boy from her parents and arranged for the girl to be removed from her parent’s custody.