Pint-Sized Florida Panthers Fan Chugs The Hell Out Of A Soda On The Jumbotron Like The True Legend He Now Is

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — @BR_OpenIce]

Andrew Powell Contributor
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This kid is forever a legend.

The Buffalo Sabres landed a 3-1 win Friday against the Florida Panthers at FLA Live Arena, but it was a kid from the Panthers’ fan base who stole the show, chugging the hell out of a soda on the jumbotron — and not giving into any of the pressure associated with it.

Just check out the glory:

And I love how he had the Reverse Retro jersey on — so much swag.

There’s been a debate for quite some time about what’s better: going to a live game or watching sports on TV. But these are the moments you miss in real time when you’re not at a game.

Most of us have been to sporting events, and most of us have witnessed moments like this at those sporting events — do you remember how awesome it felt to partake in those moments surrounded by people who were just as pumped as you were?

And then I could take it further as a content creator: when you stay home, you lose the opportunity to go viral.

Like the LeBron doll I blogged about yesterday. Imagine if you were the one who got this on video:

Just imagine the monetization money. (RELATED: REPORT: LeBron James Suffers Foot Injury That Could Have Him Out For Weeks. Will The Hot Lakers Now Miss The Playoffs?)

Damn … if you think about it, going to a live game can actually make you some money nowadays. If you get lucky, that is.