Viewers Praise Newest Daily Caller Documentary ‘Damaged’

[Daily Caller]

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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The public is praising the Daily Caller’s new documentary, “Damaged: The Transing of America’s Kids,” which shares the stories of several former transgender individuals who halted their gender transitioning procedures.

The documentary deals with the trauma and horrors the detransitioners faced after undergoing gender-transitioning procedures. The detransitioners interviewed in the documentary said they now suffer from irreversible losses due to the procedures, including Chloe Cole, who is unable to breastfeed after having undergone a mastectomy — a procedure that completely removes a woman’s breast.

Tristan Justice, a writer for The Federalist, commended the documentary for highlighting the harsh realities of undergoing hormonal procedures and surgeries that left-leaning documentaries about transgenderism often leave out.

“The Daily Caller documentary offers a dark reality to contrast the deceptive family-friendly narrative depicted in Discovery’s ‘Generation Drag,’ a six-episode series that follows kids on their road to performing at an adolescent drag show in Denver,” Justice wrote.

The Daily Wire’s Christina Buttons reviewed the documentary’s “insight” into the detransitioners’ experiences in a Feb. 14 piece.

“A new documentary from The Daily Caller, “Damaged: The Transing of America’s Kids,” features the stories of five detransitioners who were harmed by sex reassignment hormones and surgeries. The 56-minute film includes commentary from a gender-affirming doctor and a renowned expert on transsexualism,” Buttons wrote.

The minors described medical professionals’ sudden approval of them undergoing the procedures after brief consultations. Abel Garcia, 25, received a letter of support to undergo so-called “gender affirming” care during his first appointment with a gender therapist.

Garcia said he regretted undergoing breast implantation surgery and hormone therapy three months after the appointment. He now suffers from a urinary tract infection and genital atrophy as a result from the hormone therapy.

Daily Caller education reporter Chrissy Clark, who conducted interviews for the documentary, described the shock of interviewing a transgender medicine doctor at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, who used the gender ideology to justify the removal of healthy body parts from children.

“Sitting down with him, you never get the sense that this man is out here just to make profit or just to be evil,” Clark said in a Feb. 10 interview.

“But at the same time, the ideology behind cutting off healthy body parts of children in the name of an ideology is so pernicious in and of itself that it almost doesn’t need an explanation. And when you sit in the same room as somebody like that, you’re conscious in the way you think about them. You can’t even listen to your own feelings,” Clark continued.