Fishermen Discover Remains Of Missing Man Inside Shark


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Local fishermen discovered the remains of a missing man inside a shark they had captured, authorities say.

The remains of Diego Barría, 32, were found inside the belly of a 4.9 foot school shark the two fishermen caught and cleaned off the coast of Argentina’s southern Chubut province in February, The Associated Press reported.

Barría was last seen riding his ATV near the coast on Feb. 18, but when his damaged vehicle was found two days later on a beach near Rocas Coloradas, authorities instigated a search for the missing father of three, the outlet reported. On Feb. 26, the fishermen, who had been fishing near where Barría’s ATV was discovered, approached the coast guard and informed them of their grisly find, AP continued.

Family members were able to identify Barría “due to a tattoo that appeared in one of those remains,” Daniela Millatruz, the law enforcement officer in charge of the search, informed reporters, according to AP. “We presume Diego had an accident and we’re investigating if there was a vehicle involved,” Millatruz continued.

Investigators believe that Barría was most likely injured in an accident and was dragged out to sea during a strong tidal surge that occurred over the weekend, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Chicago Police Find Body Of Missing Northwestern University Student In Harbor)

Virginia Brugger, who has been identified as Barría’s partner, took to social media on Feb. 26 to write a tribute to Barría’s memory. “My heart went out to you. I love you forever!” she wrote on Facebook.

Authorities plan to conduct DNA testing on the remains to officially confirm them as Barría’s, according to AP.