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Joseph Tully: A Proven Winner in the Courtroom

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Joseph Tully is a“Superhero Attorney” and his win/loss record would beat a lot of prosecutors. He practices criminal defense in California and nationally on a Federal level.


Tully’s legal career began as a junior deputy public defender in Fresno County, where he quickly earned a reputation for his ability to win difficult cases in front of a jury through a combination of creativity and hard work. He then boldly decided to use the funds from his last paycheck in Fresno to begin a practice in his hometown in the East Bay.

Throughout his career, Tully has been vocal about the “dirty little secret” of the criminal justice system; namely, that the prosecution team is often a political trifecta consisting of members of the police, the prosecutors, and the judges.

In the face of the full might and resources of the state, the average person facing criminal accusations faces a powerful and heartless system.

In response, Tully established Tully & Weiss, a criminal defense practice that uses a team approach, cutting-edge technology, and the skills of talented and committed litigators.


Over Twenty years in practice has given Tully & Weiss a track record of protecting the rights and liberties of those accused of the most heinous offenses.


The “secret to life is balance” is proclaimed in the employee manual at Tully’s firm, which also encourages employees to strike a healthy equilibrium between their professional and personal lives, as well as their physical and mental well-being. The law firm recognizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle and will pay for its employees to participate in a variety of fitness programs such as crossfit, yoga, martial arts, and dance.

He hopes to establish what he sees as a novel concept in the criminal law industry: a systematic approach to and consistency in the provision of legal services. He plans on implementing his innovative methods of client service and aggressive approach to the law throughout all of their California locations.  Originally located in the East Bay, Tully has now grown the firm to multiple other locations across California including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Fresno, Sacramento, and Redding.

The ultimate goal of the super attorney is justice, not fortune, fame, or dominance. To get the best results for his clients, he built a band of brilliant attorney warriors that work together conscientiously and are backed by resources like automated systems and standardized tools.

As Tully & Weiss expands across the state, consistently meets or exceeds customer expectations, and offers consistent service across all of its locations, it has the potential to serve as a check on the authorities and ensure that our justice system is fair for all.

Joseph Tully is, in sum, a highly competent lawyer who has a history of success in high-stakes matters thanks to his innovative approach to the law and his firm’s commitment to fostering an environment that values harmony and justice among its members. He established a company to help defendants have an equal footing with prosecutors and make justice more attainable.

These days, private enterprises have a more difficult time competing with their public sector counterparts in terms of pay and benefits. It’s difficult for Tully & Weiss to compete with the salaries paid by the government for the district attorney and public defender. However, the numerous intangible benefits, general work environment, and commitment to personal fulfillment at Tully & Weiss are sufficient to make staff members not only content but also devoted to the company.

The business is well-respected not just for the caliber of its representation in and out of the courts but also for the originality of its ideas. As a result, the way Tully & Weiss staffs its offices differs from the norm.

Tully explains his approach, “Give me someone who is hungry. Give me someone with a chip on their shoulder, with something to prove. Give me someone who won’t give up, no matter what the odds, and no matter how badly the system tries to annihilate them.” He continues, “But, just as important, I also make sure that my employees have an artistic side. Art means creativity, passion, organization – at least in their own way – and an openness to be inspired.”

Employees at Tully & Weiss are sought after by competing law firms due to their work ethic, high levels of intellect and intelligence, organization, and, most importantly, performance.

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