High Noon Introduces New Tequila Seltzer Beverage

(ULISES RUIZ/AFP via Getty Images)

Brent Foster Contributor
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The wildly popular alcohol brand High Noon launched a new tequila seltzer beverage Wednesday.

The arrival of the tequila seltzer at shelves across the United States puts the four-year-old brand in a position to capture growth in the tequila market, according to CNN. High Noon originally focused on vodka production.

High Noon is selling the tequila seltzer in a variety 8-pack, according to the company website. The tequila comes in four flavors including strawberry, lime, grapefruit and passionfruit.

Britt West, Vice President and General Manager of spirits at High Noon parent company E. &. J. Gallo, told CNN that consumers are looking for canned cocktails with more flavor. He characterized the taste of the tequila seltzer as a “fairly light delivery.”

West added that given “the fast-growing rise of tequila, it seemed like a natural fit for High Noon considering we pioneered putting real spirits in to seltzer, so tequila was a natural extension of that,” CNN reported.

The tequila seltzer, West maintained, would expand the reach of High Noon as the “tequila consumer is often not a vodka consumer,” according to CNN. (RELATED: Jack Daniel’s ‘Whiskey Fungus’ Takes Over Tennessee Town)

With the increasing presence of upstart alcohol brands like High Noon and those backed by celebrities, previously-established brands are being forced to adjust their marketing strategies. Natural Light for one announced a heritage-themed focus for their beer rebranding in January.