11-Year-Old Condemns ‘Pornographic’ Book He Was Able To Check Out At School Library

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An 11-year-old boy in Maine spoke out at his local school board meeting, condemning a “pornographic” book he was allegedly permitted to check out at his school library.

Knox Zajac, a sixth grade student at Windham Middle School, spoke at his local school board meeting as he read sexually explicit content from a book he found in his school library, The Maine Wire reported Feb. 23. The video was posted Feb. 17. The book in question, “Nick and Charlie,” details the exploits of two young teenage boys who steal wine from their parents before proceeding to sexually experiment on one another, the outlet stated.

Zajac stated that when he checked out the book, the librarian reportedly told him that if he liked it there were similar books she could direct him to, asking him if he wanted “a graphic novel version,” despite an age advisory of 14+.

“That’s my son, 11 years old and went to his library and found it by the entry door of our library. This is the smut that he is finding, alright? I don’t care whether it’s gay, straight, bisexual, or whatever the terms are for all of this stuff – it doesn’t need to be at our school. It doesn’t need to be at my 11-year-old’s library,” Adam Zajac told the school board, following his son’s speech, according to Fox News.

Though Maine law prohibits the distribution of obscene material to children, there is an exception if the material is distributed to the children at a school. (RELATED: Middle-School Teacher Calls Parents ‘Bigots’ And ‘Kooks’ For Voicing Concern Over Pornographic Material In Books)

“A lot of parents just don’t know what’s going on in the school. What I don’t understand is how we have books in the middle school library that adults would be fired for having at work, or potentially prosecuted for sharing with children given their pornographic content. It’s smut, really,” Zajac’s father told the outlet.