Louisville Cardinals Men’s Basketball Is So Sh*t That Their Halftime Show Dog Took One On The Court

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Symbolism at its finest.

The Louisville Cardinals men’s basketball team is complete shit this season, with just four wins in 30 games. They only have one more game in the campaign (at Virginia on Saturday). So currently sitting at 4-26, they could potentially finish things up at 4-27.

Just shit, complete shit.

Well, during their Tuesday senior night halftime show (midway through a 71-54 loss to Virginia Tech), a performing dog who was catching frisbees for fans’ entertainment ended up taking a literal shit on the court. Even the dog knows Louisville is shit.

How shit do you have to be to put up a 4-26 record and have a trained frisbee dog take a shit on your court?

It’s not like this is some random dog who ran on the court or some fan’s untrained dog. No. This is a dog that was clearly trained, and it still shit on Louisville’s court. To me, that’s perfect symbolism of what an absolute pile of shit the Cardinals have been this season.

And if it weren’t for two measly wins over Florida A&M and Western Kentucky, they’d be even shitter at 2-26 — I’ll give them a little bit of credit on the other two wins with those being conference victories. But other than that, Louisville is shit. Just complete and utter shit.

And you know, saying “shit” this much reminds me of that South Park episode:

Let me stop while I’m ahead. I don’t wanna get cursed too. (RELATED: Duke’s Tyrese Proctor Hilariously Flops After NC State’s Tarquavion Smith Barely Shoves Him)

Ok, one more …

… shit.