‘That Would Technically Be Homosexual’: Podcast Panel Implodes When Guest Says He Wouldn’t Have Sex With A Trans Woman

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Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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A podcast panel erupted and one guest stormed off the set after another said he would not have sex with a biological man who identifies as a transgender woman.

The full episode of “The Whatever Podcast” aired Nov. 3, 2022, but a video of the moment went viral on social media Feb. 27. The dating show guest identified himself as Chase, a professional photographer and brand consultant, at the beginning of the episode.

“Chase, would you rather smash the hottest trans woman in the world or the oldest woman in the world?” one viewer asked.

“Honestly, bro, the oldest woman in the world, ’cause then I wouldn’t be gay,” Chase responded. (RELATED: ‘Women Die Every Day’: Protester Interrupts Senate Hearing For Full Minute Before Getting Dragged Out)

“What? You really just want me to just rip you a fucking new one, I swear to God,” another podcast guest, Kiko, exclaimed. “What the fuck do you mean? Yes, that was so unnecessary.”

“‘Cause if I had sex with a trans woman, I’d be having sex with a biological man,” Chase said. “And I don’t wanna do that.”

“That’s too far, that’s too fucking far,” Kiko said before storming off the set, a clip of the moment shows.

“She’s right, I mean, that’s really hateful, bro,” guest Breazy said.

“She’s not- that would technically be homosexual,” Chase responded. “A trans woman is a biological man. Sue me, it’s true.”

“If you guys want to respect gender identities, that’s his, though — that’s his sexuality,” one woman said in an apparent attempt to defend Chase.

The podcast episode had already run for three-and-a-half hours when the conversation about dating transgender people came up.

“Who knew that stating biological facts would make people walk off the show,” Chase commented.